Monday, September 29, 2008

building it up

Thank you to Mr. Jeffrey Kauffman for picking up where the Women In Trades left off (their class ended and our stage wasn't completed). He has taken on the task of completing the stage on his own - and it looks (and sounds) GREAT!
We also started installing all our kitchen / bar equipment. We have our bar sinks / well (with running water!)
As well as all our sinks and dishwasher in the kitchen! Turns out, our dishwasher was made for different wattage than what we had planned, so we have to get some rewiring done (boo).
Over the weekend we also finished the painting. Here's our mezzanine walls. Lookin' good! (view of mezzanine from the stage)

And here's a picture of Arlo, being cozy in bed. He's being a great little guy for getting a lot less attention while we spend a lot of time building our new home.
Thanks to everyone for all the hard work over the weekend. 5 days and counting until we open the doors!

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