Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Moving Along

The auditions are done, the casting and scheduling is well on its way to being complete, the plans have been finalized and are getting the OK by the city, the business loan is here and we're all nervous with anticipation.
The next step is fundraising and marketing. We've got longform improv shows at the Theater! Theatre building over the next four weekends. We have handed out a bunch of flyers at different neighborhood festivals over the past couple weeks. We're looking forward to playing with even more people in this round of shows.
Scheduling our opening season of shows took some time, but it looks both time consuming and like a lot of fun. We've got our mainstage sketch show happening Fridays and Saturday nights, paired with a longform musical show. Thursday nights will be longform improv night, where our four established longform teams will play (two every Thursday, so each team will play every-other week).
Sundays we will have our kids show matinee and the high concept show at night. The high concept show will feature 30 plays in 60 minutes an should be a crazy fun time... just like the rest of the shows.
Once again, thanks to everyone who auditioned for Curious Theater - and even though we don't have enough positions to put you all into shows at this moment, I know we'll be working together in the near future!
(all photos by Kathryn Durkin)

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