Friday, October 10, 2008

Grand Opening Weekend!

We have spent this week putting finishing touches on everything around the space to prepare for our GRAND OPENING TONIGHT!
We even got two of these installed:
The place is really shaping up nicely.

Even Arlo has been practicing his one-dog show!

Line up this weekend:
Friday / Saturday 7:30 - sketch show - Will Work For Change
Friday / Saturday 9:30 - improvised musical - Sam Adams, Sam Adams: Mayor Ex Machina
Sunday 2:00 pm - kids show - Sometimes Toilet Water
Sunday 7:30 pm - Pop! - 30 plays in 60 minutes!

On Saturday, between the shows (from 9 to 9:30 pm) the Portland Cello Project will be playing. Be sure to come out this weekend!


Sara said...

Amy and I are coming tonight! We can't wait! See ya at 7:30pm!

Missa said...

it's incredible! Wish we could be there. we will have to come see a childrens' show some day.
Break a leg & congratulations!