Monday, October 20, 2008

ups and downs

It was a good and strange weekend at the Curious Theater. Friday night we had a good size crowd and a great energy for the sketch show. It was Stacey's first show as Shelley's understudy - and she knocked it out of the park. Good show all around.
The Musical has had three of the eight cast members fall sick and/or injured at the same time, so it was the first time doing the show with five people. It worked well, but it was certainly MORE work with fewer people.
Saturday we had a dip in audience members, which caused the energy to lag a bit. We in the sketch show felt the dip and tried our best to make it work... but that's what it felt like (for the first time): WORK.
The musical did a great job on Saturday night (now with six cast members!) They took some risks and did different things which boosted their energy and the audiences enthusiasm - plus, they put on one heck of a Spy-Musical!

On Sunday night, POP! had a great crowd and the cast got through 29.5 of the 30 plays. We had to one play (one of the longest) before it was finished due to time. The cast did an amazing job keeping the energy up through the entire sixty minutes and the audience was right there with them the whole time!

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