Monday, June 9, 2008

Inside Curious Theater

We are planning on having a small kitchen and bar inside the theater as well as a stage. We've been told a bar brings in a lot of money and (hopefully) creates a warmer atmosphere. Not only do people like to laugh in both good times and bad times - its been said when people are happy they like to drink, when people are sad they like to drink more. That's not to say our theater/shows will make people sad... quite the opposite I hope.

We started to look at other places to see what sort of set ups they have as far as a bar and kitchen are concerned. We are a comedy theater first and foremost, so we don't want to have some beautifully constructed bar that will cost a million dollars and steal attention - however we don't want it to look stupid and dinky. A lot of thought must go in to these things.

Over the weekend we checked out a local Portland establishment that has a 10 foot by 8 foot (estimated measurements) bar that serves half priced fancy/girly drinks on Sundays. We like the size of the bar and it seems to get the job done... plus the half priced "snickertini" didn't hurt anything.
Since we've been in Portland, Stacey has consumed more alcohol than in the whole time we knew each other in Chicago. Girly drinks are a recent discovery of hers, so the Oatmeal Cookie, Snicker and Mint Chocolate Martini - along with fruity sangria are to blame.


Dan Telfer said...

If you can somehow separate the bar with a wall or a curtain, you will be doing your performers a huge service! The farther away from the actual show the better, in my comedy opinion. That sounds extreme, but often the farthest you can make it isn't far at all, so why not be hyperbolic?

I'm so excited for you guys! Good luck in all ways.

Edison Girard said...

Huge congrats on making this hoop.
The pics are great. What a huge space.

Nate Smith said...

I really think you need to serve only blended drinks, and maybe if you could put a microphone right near the blender, and then be sure to only blend the drinks right during the punchlines...that's the key to a successful comedy club bar!

Stacey said...

Yum! I love martinis! And sangria! Woohoo!

We can't separate the bar completely, because we want it to be functionally serving drinks and for the bartender to get to see the show. However, we plan to avoid having seats at the bar - so people will mainly get drinks from servers.

The bar, even as far as it is, you are right, Telfer, is not very far away from the stage. So, we will just have to make the effort for ushers and the bartender to prevent rude congregations of people at the back by the drinks. We'll see how it goes!