Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Taping the space

We had a walk through at the space today (walk through with the Real Estate agent, explaining everything in the space to us - where the electricity comes in, the water, gas, etc.) and we spent a few hours taping out the space with what we have planned out on paper. After taping it we made a few small changes, but for the most part - our plan seems perfect.
First - here's the NorthEast Corner

Where the Bar will be located:

Along the North wall (behind where I was taking the picture) is our entrance, leading audience members to the ticketbooth:

Along the West wall, south of the ticketbooth will be the bathrooms:

The Kitchen will be along the South wall - and toward the West will be the stage:

Soon, these spots marked off with tape will be filled with the walls in the shapes of the locations marked. I can't wait to post those pictures.


Stacey said...

Oh, how quickly 3000 sq feet becomes small!!! Everything seems small to me, the bar, the stage, the kitchen, small, small, small....but it's hard to tell with nothing in the space and such high ceilings. The scale is all off and it could just be perspective. It will never be huge...but I hope when finished, it feels a bit bigger than I feel like it is now.

Dave said...

You got a lot of wall space to hang wacky crap. You know, like at Applebee's. Or maybe even Bennigan's. The Bennigan's Belly Chuckle Factory!

You guys have an empty canvass to play with. That's nice.