Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's Official

We went in and signed the paperwork. The building is ours. We will start building the inside of it to look our our theater starting the first week of July (which is not far away... yikes).

We will also be holding our general auditions in the space this weekend. If you're interested in coming to our general auditions leave a comment or get in touch with us.
(the picture is of our celebration champagne and flowers. Thanks Kathryn & Jeffrey!)


mia park said...

i prefer "theater" to the "re" spelling as well, but the college educated actors in our asian american theater company strongly voted for the "re", so we're a-squared theatre woekshop, even tho my lil chicken feathers ruffle a bit when i type that.

either way you spell it, it's all for The Cause.

i gotta friend moving there - know of any great yoga studios?


missdurkin said...

dear mia - i know of several great yoga studios!

feel free to have your friend contact me!