Thursday, August 28, 2008


We have had a crazy, crazy week but so much has gotten done.
-We've purchased a large amount of the kitchen equipment we need - used! 
-I drove a truck for two days picking everything up from Troutdale and Hillsboro.
-I am FINALLY ordering the curtains tomorrow. A terrifying prospect as they will be our number one biggest expense for a single item. They are also going to be beautiful.
-We are set on most of the interior design colors and items.
-We've expanded our grassroots fundraising efforts and I've been truly moved by the donations and other kinds of support we have received. It means a ton to us whether we get $15 or $1500 or advice or words of encouragement and love. We still have a long way to go, but we're moving in the right direction. 
-The construction efforts are in full force. Momentum is rolling and the space is radically transformed every day.

We will post more photos soon!

Thanks everyone, for being there for us. This project is thrilling and terrifying and exciting. I hope - and believe - we are building a space where a great community will feel at home and wonderful work will be done and that will be filled with great amounts of laughter and joy.


Sarah said...

AH! This is incredibly fun to watch.

Mr. B said...

So about this donation deal that you've discussed. Is there a paypal account? Or should someone (or some improv troupe) send a check. What works best for you?

Details please.

A Concerned Citizen

le bob said...

you guys...
There is a donate page on our website that takes you directly where you need to go.

When are all the Stingers coming out?
Better be soon.