Tuesday, August 19, 2008

theater update

It's been a while since I updated the blog on our theater progress.
A lot has been happening. We have a bunch of wood ready for the framing of our Kitchen / Bar / Bathroom and Greenroom:

The concrete holes have been filled in, so our plumbing is all set (well, it's drying for now)!

We even had a kitty living in our space for a day! (that's got to be some sort of good luck, right?)

There has been plenty of activity, both here in the space as well as work-wise.
More news to come...


Edison Girard said...

Yay! The construction!
Looking good, Bob.
Stinger expects Matt and Brandi to bring back a full report with pics after their impending visit.

We were all in Toronto this past weekend playing the festival.

You are still missed.

Can't wait to play 'Curious'


chicagomonahans@mac.com said...

Awesome! Looking forward to visiting!