Sunday, August 31, 2008


Where do I begin? The walls have been primered... or primed... or painted white to prepare for the actual painting...
The steel framing is getting bordered and walls are being created...
Both the ticketbooth and the stairway have been walled... with particleboard. The drywall comes next... I think? (this is actually a picture of the bathroom / storage area where all our power is housed)
Our fire sprinklers have been installed!
Look! A greenroom wall (and the mezzanine floor!)
Our good friends Matt and Brandi have come to town and have seen our space... so if you're in chicago and need a verbal description, look them up. Matt, the bar isn't in working order just yet... Matt, you can't get a drink... Matt, the bar... nevermind.

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Edison Girard said...

I'm jealous of Matt & Brandi (before he left last week he asked if there was anything we wanted to relay to you. I said I had just corresponded with you, but that he could give you a wet willie for me. ..Did he deliver?)
I'm pushing Leslie hard for a visit soon, but she's holding off until early '09.
Don't know if I can wait that long.

Maybe, if he can swing it financially, I can fly out sooner with Biddle.